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Exploring amazing beach resorts in Egypt

31/08/2015 | | 0 Comment |

Exploring amazing beach resorts in Egypt

An ancient land of pharaohs, history, pyramids and sand, Egypt is one of the oldest and most beautiful countries in the world. A land where modern meets ancient, as a short trip is all that separates you from the buzzing, modern metropolis of Cairo to the calm, thousand year old mystical pyramids. Egypt attracts many tourists every year, but what really makes it great as a destination for a summer vacation is its year round warm and dry climate. As a result, Egypt has a plethora of summer beach resorts and tourist hotspots all around the country. We bring you just a short glimpse into some of them.


Located on the Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm El Sheikh is Egypt's most popular summer destination. Year round sunshine, clean water, a prime location and beautiful coral reefs have put Sharm El Sheikh on the map. Sharm El Sheikh offers a wide ray of fun activities, such as water sports, trips and safaris to the nearby Sinai mountains, sky diving and even helicopter rides over the city! If you're looking for something a bit more relaxing, the numerous professional spas and hotels will ensure that you leave all your troubles behind. The old town houses a plethora of shops and cafes, perfect for having a relaxing cup of coffee and doing some shopping.

On the other hand, Naama Bay offers a more dynamic offer of snorkeling and diving at one of it's many marinas. After a day of adventure or relaxation, dance the night away at one of the many nightclubs and beach bars and see for yourself why Sharm El Sheikh is the pleasure center of Egypt.


A stunning view of the Saudi and Sinai mountains, white sand, excellent weather and the clear, magical Red Sea; Nuweiba is an excellent place for your summer vacation. Sandy beaches meet Bedouin tourist camps, and the crystal clear water meets the milky white sand to offer you a unique, relaxing desert oasis. A rising beach resort, Nuweiba offers a more authentic experience of Egypt, as it is relatively unknown and not riddled with tourists compared to other beach resorts. Dinners in the candlelight, barbecues, numerous local restaurants which offer fresh, local seafood, great beaches and the palm trees all amount to a perfect place to relax and forget about all your problems.

Nuweiba is also a great base to explore the Sinai desert or the nearby Red Sea, as daily trips to surrounding places of interest are organized. If you’re looking for something a bit more secluded and “under the rug” to get away from things, then Nuweiba is perfect for you!


If you want to spend your holiday enjoying the waters of the Mediterranean, the Jaz Almaza beach resort is just the thing for you. Located on the northern Coast of Egypt, Jaz Almaza provides a perfect fusion of a Medditerean and an Egyptian holiday. Boasting a plethora of hotels, restaurants and five star facilities, luxury is commonplace in Jaz Almaza. The clear, warm waters of the Medditerean, combined with the Egyptian sand is a sight to behold, and makes Jaz Almaza one of the most popular resorts in Egypt, especially among European tourists.


If you get bored of lying around on the beach, why not try yourself out at one of the many sport activities offered at Jaz Almaza, such as basketball, handball or volleyball. The hotels are well known for their diverse offers, and have entire teams of people dedicated to keeping you entertained and happy. Jaz Almaza even has an airport nearby to which the staff of the hotel will drive you at any time of the day per request. Truly the height of luxury!



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